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The critics

Michela Franzelli, 2014

The pictorial language of Walter Salin reveals a human personality and incisive artistry, imaginative, full of vitality and significance, there also emerges a protestor spirit, that is sensitive, rebellious and thoughtful.

His pictorial art reflects his personality. All his works has a symbol, every symbol has a significance, at times interpretable, others imperceptible to the human eye, if not enough attention is payed.

He is a controversial protestor of the “social system”, is able to wrap the observer into deep thought. Within the pictorial context of his works he hides apparent coherent symbolic elements.

He proves to be a skillful artist and is capable of depicting in extreme simplicity scenes of life, in the past, present and in the hypothetical future.

Hence, he conceals feminine figures, crucifixes and symbolic cryptic, which are well blended into the pictorial alchemy. They are the fulcrum of an art studied and meditated, that describing in a veiled way an inept society, by now poisoned by corruption, by immorality and by careerism. Where falsity seems to be considered valuable rather than as defects and the silent cry through his works, which are therefore, in a painted sequence dedicated to the masks.

At this point the definition escapes us from the artist or better to say the academic artist and the question spontaneously arises: ”Who is Walter Salin?”

A questo punto sfugge la definizione dell’artista o meglio dell’artista accademico e sorge spontanea la domanda: chi è Walter Salin?

He is a person that brings back in all his works his cultural life lived, his music in colourful lyrics, his moral ethics in every symbol represented, his experience as a human bein g, a father and a teacher, but most of all, his wisdom and his rational capacity for reflection. This is Walter salin.

What they say about me:

“The paintings of Walter Salin projects an unusual visible dimension, offering a pictorial vision where rationalism, symbolism, intuition and sensations integrate to give a tangible illustration, in a variety where different entities can be perceived, solutions to inquiries, doubts, uncertainties of our daily experiences. He dedicates a major part of his research analyzing the human figure, the being in a sublime expression of spirituality and corporeal in perfect balance and in particularly expressive versatility and sensitivity of the woman’s universe. With sharp light effects measured variations of tones and shades, he makes shapes of features of refined beauty, while there is an introspective inquiry of the recessed secrets of the soul. Lights and shadows are used in contrast to reformulate, in synthesis, another traced figure, using a complete orchestration of colour that gives disposition of volume to the form and voice lyrics to soul sentiments.”

Vito Cracas, 2011

His paintings fascinate me… it’s not easy meeting people like him in life and finding every now and then, that they bring solace. His painting is thought fixed on telepathy and you can see that it’s thought, therefore the success of his art exhibitions doesn’t surprise me”.

Arnoldo Foà, 2000

“A painting that wants to represent extreme sentimental situations… Doesn’t leave you calm, can’t be forgotten”

Mario Cossali, 1992

“He: intelligence, studies, ability, sentimental this way he wants to underline three voices of love, A: immediate easiness, E: rare maybe because ironic, I: true main point… happy. Thank you”

Vittoria Palazzo, Milano 1992

“In Salin there’s an idea of communication like offering an artistic expression of himself like a service”

Ruggero Morghen, 1993

“Interpretating the magic realism of Salin you collect magic signs that build environments for our aesthetic consumer”.

Elisabetta Rizzioli, 1993

“Walter Salin moves from a precise philosophic conception based on a true conceptual and spiritual procedure that pursues the formal choice of a synthetic figurative function. The artist has a strong, receptive emotional attitude, it is the answer to escape from suffocating issues. In brief, Salin reveals and then recovers his intimacy, by doing this he approaches the interior situations of “others”. His paintings are to be seen repeatedly with the heart’s eye, expressions of a punctual research which is founded on universal values”

Maurizio Scudiero, 1996

“A precise piece of art of winning beauty, acrylics that convey sensations, even vibrations of delightful beauty that l have rarely had some how of admiring”

Graziano Dallaglio, 1996

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