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Artist - Walter Salin

Walter Salin has been fascinated by art since he was a young boy. After his studying classical, music, philosophy and jurisprudence, has dedicated his time to studying aesthetics to a great extent, advancing into a creative research.

His art started taking form at Carlo Fia’s workshop in Rovereto and in the 90’s he frequented with success the Milanese artistic environment. His work ranges from ships to drawing room literary, collaborating with Italian artists, intellectuals and critics.

His works can be found and are given a quote on: Annuario d’Arte Morderna A.C.C.A. of Rome (Annual Modern Art) – Annuario Grandi Maestri Avanguardie Artistiche Elite (Varese). (Annual Great Masters in the vanguard of an artistic elite).

He has published a book list “Percorso d’Arte” (“Journey of Art”) with the preface of a friend, who is an actor, Arnoldo Foà and “Segnocolore tra visibile e in visibile” (“Signs of Colour Between Visible and Invisible”) for Sikrea-Verona. In 2009 he won the National Art and Image Competition in Trento city.

He has illustrated various books and novels and has made murals, his works are part of a public and private collection in Italy and overseas too. The artist uses a language that is understandable, experimenting in his works, markedly narrative. Creatively imaginative between visible and invisible aiming to amass the beauty of the interior view as it rises towards new horizons. Other than the restricted and violent culture imposed and a forever increasing repetition of “nothing”.

Authentic art lived with humility and love can fill the existential gaps and donate a little joy for people.

Mostre personali:

-Spazio Arte Serrada -1992 -1993-1994-1995
-Augustiner Chorherrenstift – Neustift 1992
-Spazio Arte l’Ariete- Milano 1993
-Biblioteca di Cavedine Tn 1993
-Galleria La Pleiade – Artogne Bs 1993
-Spazio Arte Castello di Drena Tn 1993
-Società Dante Alighieri Trento 1993
-Montecampione Arte 1994
-Spazio Arte la Rotonda Merano 1994
-Sporting Club Milano 3 – 1995
-Spazio Arte il Salice – Milano 1995
-Chiostro del Municipio Borgo Valsugana - 1995
-Galleria Dusatti Rovereto 1996
-Spazio Arte –Serrada Tn 1996
-Centro Arte-Poviglio-1996
-Galleria 900 -Rovereto -1997
-Spazio Arte Castello di Avio Tn – 1997
-Galleria La Fonte Caldonazzo- 1997
-Centro Civico Serrada –Tn 1998
-Spazio Arte Il Marinaio –Mestre 2000
-Spazio Arte Iras Baldessari-Rovereto- 1999-2000-2008-2013
-Centro Arte Isera con la presentazione di Arnoldo Foà-2000
-Palazzo Rosmini Rovereto- 2000-2001- 2004-2012-2013
-Museo Nazionale Giuseppe Verdi, Villa Pallavicini -Busseto 2014-15

Mostre collettive:

-Circolo De Amicis – Milano 1995
-Palazzo de Probizer –Isera Tn 1993
-Italian Art Gallery- Milano 1994
-Spazio Arte l’Ariete- Milano 1993
-Sporting Club Milano 3 – 1995
-Montecampione Arte 1994
-Spazio Arte Guga Giuffa Venezia -1996
-Galleria Modigliani- Milano 1997
-Palazzo della Regione- Trento- 1997

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